Earn extra money on automobile traffic from your website

We won’t make you a millionaire, but we’ll allow you to make more money on your auto traffic. We sell vehicle history reports on used cars which are exploited in the United States. Our report costs only $9.99 that will contribute to effective conversion of your visitors to our clients. To receive your interest you don’t need to wait for a month or more while the ordered goods will be delivered to customer like in other affiliate programs. Our clients receive the product immediately, and after that money is credited to your account! Also, you don’t need to wait while $100, $200 or $400 will be gathered on your account to pay out the earned money. The cash basis threshold is only $40 in our service. You cooperate with us directly, that’s why you get a high percentage of our report sales. We don’t use a junction affiliate and any other intermediary. Sign up and get a promotional material!

Main information

$2 - you get from each sale of our report.

$3.2 - we pay you for selling a package of 2 reports.

$3.4 - you receive for 3 reports package selling (commission can be raised, if you have a popular website(s); contact us to discuss it).

1 second - the speed of money transfer to your account after payment; our reports are delivered to the customer immediately, and your account is replenished at the same time.

$40 - a minimum amount of payout

16th - we pay out your money once a month

Paypal - payout is transferred to your Paypal ID

Banners and links - a promotion material that we provide you with

Absolutely forbidden

To use affiliate links and mention our service in email dispatch!

To use the name of our company and logo during PPC campaigns!