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Pre-purchase Used Car Check List

Running a vehicle history through VIN checker is always beneficial. Especially, if you are about to buy a second-hand one. There exist several points to keep in mind, otherwise, a happy purchase can turn into a loss of money and great frustration. Here are the main points to check before obtaining a second-hand vehicle:
  • Was the vehicle ever subject to theft?
  • Did it have a lien, or was it impounded?
  • Were you told true mileage data?
  • What info can be revealed through the title?
  • Could your vehicle serve as a taxi or police?
  • Could it be flooded or badly damaged?
  • Did it happen to be in major accidents or/and at salvage auto auctions?
The answers to these questions and so much more you can find in TrustVIN vehicle history report. By obtaining it, you entrust our team with the task of clarifying your car history. We, in turn, promptly deliver you a reliable, accurate and comprehensive report, where all history facts are gathered together. TrustVIN Inc. is your cost-efficient Carfax™ and AutoCheck® alternative.